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  • Using the ancient-modern streets of the Eternal City as the backdrop for capturing the light, gestures and colors of daily life, we will teach you to capture timeless moments as beautiful and memorable shots. Learn how to:

    • make instant decisions on composition and framing;
    • build short stories devised spontaneously by observing the flow of life on the street;
    • develop your own style and approach to street and documentary photography;
    • overcome fear of using your camera in public and photographing strangers;
    • discover tricks and tactics that improve the overall quality of your sessions;
    • edit your work to preserve the aesthetics and integrity of the raw vision (optional studio session);
    • select the most appropriate photo gear to get the most out of your shots;
    • have fun, whatever happens.

    View our available Photography Workshops, or create your own.

  • We welcome participants with any type of camera. Whether your choice is color or black and white, film or digital, Rome Photo Workshop will deliver a creative experience responding to photographers’ interest and vision. If you are interested, it is also possible to rent photographic equipment. You can rent a Canon 7d with batteries and 28-70mm lense for 40 Euros per day. Cheaper alternatives are our back-up cameras: Ricoh Grd IV, Nikon V1 with 10-30mm or 10mm, Canon 1000D with 18-55mm or Nikon N80 with 35mm or 28-75mm if you would like to shoot film (about 20 Euros per day each). Full insurance/deposit is required in case of damage or loss of equipment, please contact us for more details.

  • Rome Photo Workshops are open to all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Our guided morning and night tours throughout the city of Rome will reveal a hidden side of the eternal city and help you master the art of photography at your very own pace. Our aim is to teach you skills that will help you create your unique story of Rome while having fun and learning methods you can use anywhere in the world.


  • In our Rome Workshops, morning sessions are typically 4 hours long and night sessions are 3 hours long. Workshops outside of Rome (Tuscany, Abruzzo and Sicily) will also include travel time. Please see specific times on each of the workshop descriptions. Custom tours can be longer based on your interests. 


  • Of course! We do tours with individuals, pairs and groups of 3-6. Would you like to schedule a workshop for you and a partner – or a group of friends? Please let us know and we can personalize an itinerary of Rome to suit your interests!


  • Yes! Do you want to photograph Rome’s best street art? Focus on the markets in Campo dé Fiori or Porta Portese? Capture the beauty of Rome’s best churches? With a customized tour you will have the chance to select what places you want to see in Rome at a specific time of day. Given our familiarity with the city, we will work with you to create an itinerary based on your personal interests. Please contact us for more information.

  • Sure! Tours will take you on a journey to the most well renowned monuments and sights, the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, Trevi Fountain and more. Are you already familiar with the city? Why not create a “Custom Workshop” where we take you to beautiful landmarks that are off-the-beaten path. For more information, please visit our tours page.

  • Our photography tours will be conducted on foot because it is the best way to experience the city and capture the beauty of Rome. Please bring comfortable walking shoes as the cobblestones can be uneven. Each tour will have a specific meeting point and we will provide directions for how to reach it with bus, metro or taxi. On certain tours, and on request, we can utilize taxis to move from one monument to another, depending on the scope of your tour and interests.

  • Our tours cover the most photogenic locations in Rome. If you have a very particular destination or photographic assigment we would be more than happy to take you to those locations, just ask

  • The weather in Rome is normally clear and often sunny during Spring, Summer and early Fall. In late Fall and Winter, there can be rainstorms. While heavy rain is not the ideal condition for taking photographs, cloudy skies and light rain both provide great opportunities for learning how to adjust your shooting for this lighting. If heavy rain occurs throughout the entire workshop duration, we can reschedule the workshop based on the client’s and photographer’s schedules.

  • The workshops consists of a lot of walking and focus on technical details, which maybe difficult for children under 10 years old. However, if you feel your child is capable, interested in photography and has a camera, they are more than welcome to join! Please contact us and we can make accommodations.

  • Rome Photography Workshop has a very close-knit group of photographers who lead the workshops. Our guides are not only true Roman locals (who know the City inside out), but are working, professional photographers. Each of our photographers exhibits, teaches and creates photography for a living – and this is the difference. Our guides are not just hobbyists, but are passionate about the art of photography and where we all live.

    As a result, our clients and guests often find their photography techniques improving after taking one of these workshops. You walk away with more than just some gorgeous snaps of Rome, but with sometimes key adjustments and technical knowledge that can inform your future trips and works.

  • You can certainly take photos with your iPhone! But working with a digital camera will far improve your images. Our workshops are designed by photographers for those who enjoy photography and the photographic experience – and this community generally agrees that there are many limitations to using an iPhone as a camera. 

  • Yes, we do! Besides Rome, we now offer photographic experiences in Palermo (Sicily) and New York City. We are seeking to add other locations to our offerings as well. We are careful to select a certain kind of professional, so while our expansion might be slow, we can guarantee a high quality photographic experience in our locations.

  • Absolutely! We have many clients who purchase a photography workshop voucher for a special photographer in their life. We provide a one-year gift certificate in a lovely design for you to pass along as a gift. We are grateful to all those who support their beloved photographers’ passion!