Food Photography

Summer light: 11 am – 3 p.m.
Winter light: 11 am – 4 p.m.

Food photography has become increasingly popular, and capturing what’s on one’s plate ever more an art. But as professional food photographers know, there is much more to portraying the beauty of cuisine than the camera button on an iPhone. What does it really take to masterfully capture the imperfect subject that is food?

There is no better place than Rome in which to find out. From the traditional cuisine of the local osterie, to the vibrant sights of the local farmers markets, culture and food are eternally intertwined in the Eternal City.

In this workshop, participants will learn the secrets of lighting, placement and technique that food photographers use to make dishes look as delicious as should taste. We also explore backgrounds, plating and color tricks. Our workshop leader provides tripods, lighting, reflectors and other props necessary for a food photo shoot.


This workshop focuses on the lighting techniques, backgrounds, and camera settings that make for optimal food photography. Participants will work with a professional photographer and have access to all of the props and accessories necessary to create beautiful food images in both a market and restaurant setting. We focus on raw ingredients at the farmers market. Then we move to chef-prepared small dishes and plates, pasta, entrees and desserts at a top restaurant. The food is then meant to be enjoyed and eaten!

Sites Along the Way

First, participants will work on capturing the vibrant beauty of the fresh produce at a farmers market. Next, they will work with a local restaurant known for beautiful plating to create gorgeous images of authentic Italian dishes. While we work with a local restaurant whose plating is simple but gorgeous, and whose food is delicious, we are open to holding this workshop at the eatery of your choice.

Local farmers Market

Italian artiginal food stands

Italian gourmet restaurant


Who is this for ?

Hobbyists / amateurs / beginners : Get to know the tips, tricks and tools of photographing food for the first time. Familiarize yourself with the equipment that is necessary, as well as receive guidance on what you can easily purchase to create a mini studio for your food photography.

Professionals / experienced photographers: This workshop provides you with access to local markets and a local chef-run restaurant to practice your food photography techniques. We will have tripods, lighting, reflectors and other tools on hand for you to work with. Work with a professional food photographer to craft your style and hone in on different ambience effects.

Students: Classes of up to 25 undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to take this workshop. Please inquire about our student and group pricing.



Since this workshop is also lunch – we invite you to bring one or two people along to enjoy the meal after you’ve photographed it – provided they don’t mind waiting while you receive instruction and take the shots you desire.

We have a special relationship with a local, beautiful restaurant and its chefs. We highly recommend this location. However, if you are interested in photographing in a specific restaurant or locale, or a specific type of food, please just let us know! We’d be more than happy to accommodate you.


Camera: Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera

Lenses: fast wide angle recommended + standard zoom / prime

Tripod: recommended but also provided

Reflectors, Spot lighting: Recommended and provided.

Equipment rental: available upon request.

Additional Info:

Food, beverages and lunch that are used during this workshop are not included in the cost of this workshop, but are to be paid directly to the venue at the venue’s prices.

There is some walking during this tour, but it’s mostly around a restaurant table.

Comfortable shoes are recommended.

This workshop is recommended for Monday or Tuesday lunchtimes, but other times can be arranged.

1-2 guests are welcome to join at no additional charge for the lunch portion of this workshop.

€250 total for 1-3 people
€380 for groups of 4-6


We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. You will not be charged until you receive an email confirmation from us. Please fill out the booking form and check your inbox for our response within 24 hours.

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