I took Rome Photography Workshop tour when my family stopped by Rome for a Mediterranean cruise very recently. We stayed in Rome for 2 days prior to the cruise and I wanted to make sure that my family will see all the historic and scenic highlights of the Eternal City.

I booked the tour online ahead of time and Claudia was very prompt in responding to my queries. I had so many questions and she made sure she answered all of them to my satisfaction. Based on my need and schedule, she assigned one of the professional photograohers to be our photography tour guide. The tour was private and there’s only me, my wife and a 15 year-old son. I was the main active (DSLR) photographer in the family and the 2 others were big iPhone photoshooters.

The guide was very professional and very knowledgeable in photography. I consider myself a novice in photography and needed a lot of things to learn but he never made me feel intimidated taking photos while on the tour. He taught me a lot of things especially in composition and proper exposure – those were my main goals. Not only that was delivered, but he exceeded my expectation. The guide was native Roman so he knows the ins and outs of the town, the history behind those places we went to and best of all, he showed us where we could find good food! And the best part of it too were the photos of us that he took. Thanks!

Thank you Rome Photography Workshop for the excellent service. Highly recommended when you want to be able to bring home a lot of good memories in Rome.”

Mike S.