2019 Photography Festivals in Italy (And Around the Globe!)

Photography festivals are a great way of gaining insight and meeting like-minded photographers and artists. Below, we have compiled a list of the upcoming 2019 photography festivals in Italy and around the world for your travel planning.


Cortona on the Move

Where: Various locations, Cortona, Italy

When: July 11 to September 29

The works included in this year’s exhibitions present and interpret the modern day relationship between humans and their surroundings.


2019 Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition

Where: Venice, Italy

When: May 11 to November 24

This year’s exhibition is entitled May You Live In Interesting Times, an expression of the English language mistakenly attributed to an ancient Chinese curse, which evokes periods of uncertainty, crisis and disorder.


European Photography Festival, Reggio Emilia

Where: Reggio Emilia, Italy

When: April 12 to June 9

Intimacy, relationships, new worlds come together to create TIES, the main theme of this year’s European Photography Festival. All works exhibited portray deep, human relations in all contexts, from the naturally private to the social, more acted out human persona in public.


Ragusa Foto Festival 2019

Where: Ragusa, Sicily

When: July 26 to August 25

The theme of this year’s festival is Intersections: the family and its transformations. The works exhibited will answer and challenge how the concept of family is represented in the new digital media and what social expectations regarding the role and functions of the family exist today. The exhibitions will include a variety of artists of all levels, such as professional photographers, photojournalists, young photographers, students and more.


Trieste Photo Days 2019

Where: Trieste, Italy

When: October 25-27

Trieste Photo Days is an international festival dedicated to urban contemporary photography in all forms. The festival brings together works of Italian and foreign artists, workshops, screenings, contests, book presentations, meetings and other events related to street, architectural and artistic photography. The overall theme is the City, which includes the urban environment and the humanity that populates it and the similarities and differences between the city and small provinces.


Observa Street Photo Festival

Where: Brescia, Italy

When: October 5-13

This year’s festival will include a photo contest award ceremony, a book presentation of “Ernesto Mezzera” and a reading portfolio dedicated to Ernesto Mezzera’s memorial.


Around the Globe


Where: Madrid, Spain

When: June 5 to September 1

This year’s festival includes a full program of events, including workshops, seminars and portfolio reviews alongside work by photographers Clare Strand, Joel Meyerowitz, Berenice Abbott.


Visa Pour l’Image

Where: Perpignan, France

When: August 31 to September 15

A selection of stories from around the world will be showcased at Europe’s top photojournalism festival.


Les Rencontres d’Arles

Where: Arles, France

When: July 1 to September 22

On its 50th edition, visionary contemporary photography will be on show.


Helsinki Photo Festival

Where: Helsinki, Finland

When: July 5 to September 9

A range of experimental works created today from both Nordic and international photographers. Festival encourages its audience to meet and interact with the arts in public spaces.


Festival La Gacilly Photo

Where: La Gacilly, France

When: June 1 to September 30

Started in 2004 by Jacques Rocher, the festival presents thoughtful imagery provoking the public to think about the future of the planet.  


APhF: 19

Where: Athens, Greece

When: June 6 to July 29

A selection of over 100 global photographic projects will be on display.


Belfast Photo Festival

Where: Belfast, Ireland

WHEN: June 6-30

This year’s theme is sexuality and gender. The exhibitions explore the role of fashion and photography in shaping gender identities and self portraits.


Copenhagen Photo Festival

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: June 6-16

This years 3 major themes for the festival are Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. Over 55 exhibitions are taking place throughout the city encompassing these themes.


PhotoIreland Festival

Where: Dublin, Ireland

When: May 1 to July 31

On its 10th anniversary, the festival features a range of exhibitions which include an exploration of work created by five different Irish photographic artists and a comprehensive book and magazine fair.


Verzasca Foto Festival

Where: Sonogno, Switzerland

When: September 5-8

A large range of open-air exhibitions, photo nights, portfolio reviews and workshops.



Where: Getxo, Spain

When: September 4-29

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘post homo sapiens: programming the future.’ Works exhibited will address the challenges faced by individuals in the digital age.



Where: Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

When: September 20-22

The sixth edition of the leading photography festival  in Asia will include a range of exhibits, from classic masterpieces to the latest innovations within the photographic realm.



Where: Nigeria, Africa

When: October 25 to November 13

An in-depth insight into contemporary photography created in Africa. The overall theme for the works exhibited this year is Passports.


Eyes on Main Street

Where: Wilson, North Carolina

When: April 27 to August 4

The main exhibition features 100 photographs by 100 photographers from over 40 countries with an equal number of men and women participants. The exhibition focuses on the theme of “Main Street, a Crossroad of Cultures” as interpreted by the individual photographers. This year’s edition will include four additional exhibits.


Xposure International Photography Festival

When: September 19-22

Where: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Xposure incorporates over 1,000 indoor exhibits through photo galleries from world acclaimed professionals, regional talents and emerging artists. The festival hosts the region’s largest photographic and film consumer product show and will also be holding photography training workshops, live stage demonstrations, seminars and photographer talks, focus groups and more.


PhotoNOLA Festival

When: December 11-14

Where: New Orleans, USA

The eleventh annual PhotoNOLA festival will feature broad ranging photography exhibitions on display. The lineup includes portfolio reviews, workshops, lectures, book signings and the PhotoGALA. Many events are free and open to the public.