The Photogenic Frecce Tricolori Celebrates Italy as a Republic

The 2017 Festa della Repubblica marked the 71st anniversary of the Republic. June 2 is a day of celebrating Italy and all of its beautiful history.

Italy’s Republic began June 2, 1946 with a referendum that would change the country’s future. Every year, on June 2, Italians share their devotion, love and dedication to Italy. It is a time to celebrate their freedom from Fascism and the Constitution that formed the basis for the country’s glorious history.

One of the most well-known festivities that marks this occasion is the military’s parade at the Roman Forum and the Frecce Tricolori. Frecce Tricolori translates literally to “Tricolour Arrows.” Their more official name is 313°Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico. Based at the Rivolto Air Force Base and formed in 1961, the team now has ten aircrafts making it the world’s largest acrobatics patrol.

Their flight is quite the sight to see – and one that many people try to capture with a camera lens. The task is hard. There is no exact formula, spot to stand, or time to take the photo. It is all an experiment to find the perfect moment where the Italian colors melt together in the sky.

Frecce Tricolori flying over Rome at this year’s anniversary of the Republic. Courtesy of Mauro Benedetti, one of our Workshop Leaders.

The Frecce Tricolori offer a challenge to aspiring and professional photographers alike. There is a balance that needs to be found by searching for the perfect angle and lighting. To capture the flight with the most success, many attempt to use zoom lenses to achieve closeness with the monuments. However, this year, Mauro Benedetti approached the Frecce from a different angle – from above. He camped out at Gianicolo Hill and then noticed the painterly effect of the dissolving smoke, which to his eye captured the moment best.

People watch the show from all over Rome to view the phenomenal pirouettes and world-renowned skills. The Frecce Tricolori is one of the most prominent highlights each year on the Festa della Repubblica and a fantastic opportunity to try your hand – or camera lens – at something new where the focus becomes the sky.